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Nathan Bloxham For California Governor – ‘Conservative Socialism’ and THE 5 Things That Will Unify America

Did you ever wonder if our nation could be unified? If left and right could have understanding? And if we could operate as a group again?

What 5 things addressed collectively could unify this nation and have its people take it back, running it for the greatest good of all?

Our special guest was in the 2020 Presidential Primaries and is currently running in the upcoming Gavin Newsom recall election in August 2021. Nathan Bloxham discusses the actual solution that will finally unify everyone and a concept which has been hailed “a paradox” that he calls “conservative socialism”. Curious? Tune in now and find out. You won’t believe what you’re in for!

To learn more about Nathan Bloxham and his run for California Governor in 2021 visit him at https://firebirdranch.com